Lohana Community North London
LCNL Executive Committee 2023-2025
Lohana Community North London
we move forward together…
Lohana Community North London
we move forward together…
Lohana Community North London
we move forward together…
Message from our President

We move forward together...

I am Dinesh Shonchhatra, the newly elected President of LCNL with responsibilities to lead and serve the community for the next two years.

I feel deeply honoured and privileged to take the President’s post which has always been a dream for me.

My seva with the Lohana community started some 40 years ago when I Joined the West London Lohana community as a committee member. I later moved on to North London, serving in the LCNL for the past 10 years. I have never looked back and have enjoyed every moment of my time serving in various roles including as Vice President, Navratri Conveyor, Diwali Magazine Conveyor and RCT Trustee. Over the years I have been able to work alongside some wonderful people who gave up their time to serve our brilliant community; they have my admiration and respect.

I am a proud father of 3 boys and run my own business which is also like my child too. I am a firm believer that with hard work, focus and dedication we can achieve so much individually – BUT TOGETHER – we are unstoppable.

I will work hard for our community, at your service and under supervision of a team that are driven to the success of our community.

Those that know me will always say I am approachable and friendly, I would very much like to think so too – so I encourage you to introduce yourself at any occasion – I look forward to meeting you all over the next few years.

Yours in Seva

Dinesh Shonchhatra
LCNL President 2021-2023

I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honoured to announce that I have been elected as the President of our wonderful community. Your commitment to our community is truly commendable, and I look forward to collaborating with you in the days ahead to achieve our shared goals.

As your newly elected President, I am acutely aware of the weight of this responsibility, and I am committed to serving our community with integrity, compassion, and diligence. My door is always open to you, and I welcome your ideas, concerns, and feedback as we work together to make our community better.

I am incredibly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and I am confident that, by working together, we can accomplish great things for our community. Let us embark on this journey with optimism, determination, and a shared commitment to building a brighter future for generations to come.

Once again, thank you for your support, your trust, and your belief in me. It is truly an Honor to serve as your President, and I am eager to roll up my sleeves and get to work on behalf of our community.

Meena Jasani
LCNL President 2023-2025

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