LOHANA COMMUNITY NORTH LONDON, an offshoot of the Lohana Union, was an organisation formed on 12th December 1976 when first elections were held under the federal constitution of Lohana Union Greater London.  Gradually over the years we have established as a prominent and important voluntary organisation in North London.

Lohana Community is a long established, cohesive and progressive community which existed for many years through the ages, enterprise, collective togetherness and a bond of brotherhood among the members are their characteristic.  These virtue binds members together effectively to work and create organisations for benefit of all.

The objective of the community is to promote any charitable work for the benefit of Lohana in particular or such person as the community may decide from the time to time without limiting the generality of the foregoing to promote

  • Advance of Hindu religion & culture
  • The advancement of education &
  • The relief of Poverty, distress and sickness.

The Community Organisation holds election in a democratic way at the AGM to elect an Executive Committee, to effect and implement stated aim and objectives.

We have an established charitable trust, a vibrant, Mahila Mandle, sports club,Young Lohana Society, and Social centre for men and women catering for our senior citizens.

The Executive committee established various sub committees namely Affiliation, Bereavement, Building Committee, Business and professional, Conciliation Panel, social, Raghuvanshi Diwali Magazine, News and event, Family Guidance, sports, Web-site etc to meet our objective of providing various community services.

We remain in communication with some 2500 families through our regular News & Events and Annual Raghuvanshi Diwali Magazine.  The fellow community members get together at the Annual Sports Festival and at Social and religion events such as Navratri, Diwali, Janmastmi, Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Navmi, Jalaram Jayanti etc.

We donated significant sums to Local Organisations and also some of the sister organisation and others in India and continue to do so to the worthy causes.

In order to maintain closed link with various other voluntary/communities and Statutory Organisations representatives are nominated from Executive Committee Members for the mutual benefit.

We succeeded in establishing the community sports centre under Raghuvanshi Charitable Trust (RCT) in Headstone Lane, Harrow and LCNL President with two more LCNL members as representative seats on RCT Board.

We have recently acquired a large community centre which is being refurbished to accommodate various activities for the use of community members.

According to our estimate there were more than fifteen thousands Lohana families’ lives within LCNL Area.

All Lohana residing in London and Middlesex County irrespective of formal membership were allowed to attend most of our functions.  It is proud privilege of all Raghuvanshis to be part of the community organisation.  It is our long established traditions and century old history that have made us what we are.  That is why it is an honour and duty of all Raghuvanshi Lohanas to ensure these customs and traditions are passed to the next generations, then and only then will our community to continue exist for centuries to come.