Are you interested to take up Table Tennis? It may be that you have played table tennis in the past and are keen to return to the sport again. If so, you are welcome to join LCNL Table Tennis Club which has practice sessions every Sunday mornings from 9.00 am to 12.30/1.00 pm at RCT, G. D. Kantaria Hall, Headstone Lane, Harrow, HA2 6NG. Lohanas of all ages are welcome to become members of the club.

LCNL TT Club also organises annual tournament in October which attracts about 36 entries (including about 12/16 from WDHA Wellingborough TT Club). Our members also take part in the WDHA TT Club tournament which this year will take place on Saturday 6th June.

Fees for Joining LCNL TT Club are £50.00 pa for adults and £24 pa for those under 18.

For further information and registration please email Jayantibhai Kotecha at or