The Bereavement Committee has always done their utmost to help and assist the bereaved families, handling every matter sympathetically and sensitively to ensure that all the requirements of the family are fulfilled as per their wishes. We are always available to provide the guidance and the assistance during the time of mourning and assist in making the necessary arrangements starting from the Prathna to the Funeral. We have a dedicated team to perform the Prathna according to the wishes of the family in mourning. For the families that wish to have Bhajans, we also have a team who are happy to provide this service for free.

The generosity of time for the bereavement service is entirely selfless and is provided by the following. The names are listed are in alphabetical order

  • Amit Chandarana (IT)
  • Arvinbhai Sauja
  • Aswin Raithatha
  • Bharat Ghelani (IT)
  • Dhirubhai Jobanputra
  • Girishbhai Morjaria
  • Jyotiben Morjaria
  • Naren Hathi
  • Natubhai Nathwani
  • Padipbhai Barai
  • Rajnibhai Sawjani
  • Rameshbhai Devani
  • Rameshbhai Modi
  • Rasmitaben Thakrar
  • Surendra Gandhi

The selfless bhajan singers who give their service completely free during the 13 days of the mourning at the hall or home are:

  • Snehaben Makanji
  • Nutanben Thakrar
  • Shivaliben Karia ​
  • Shobhnaben Unadkat
  • Jyotiben Nathwani
  • Madhubhai Karia
  • Aditiben Vasani

We currently have over 2700 registered recipients for the bereavement emails and from the 3-month period 1st October 2019 to 31st December 2019, 119 emails have been sent. Thus, averaging around 9 emails per week. This is totally free service LCNL provides and is open to everyone including non-Lohanas. We still have a substantial number of recipients who have not re-registered to receive the bereavement emails under the GDPR compliance regulations. To register to receive these emails, and there is no limit on how many family members can register, please click here.

I would like this opportunity to thank the entire bereavement team from the bottom of my heart for their hard work. The feedback from the community is extremely positive as we wholeheartedly assist the family in mourning. I also thank President Yatinbhai Dawada and the EC committee members for their support and help throughout the year.

Finally, please note that my email address is changed. The new email address is which should be used to inform about your bereaved family member. To notify any issues such as not receiving bereavement emails send email to

Vinu Kotecha
Chairman – Bereavement Committee
Email id:

Ramesh Devani
Mobile : 07957 150505