LCNL Connexions – That unexpected meeting that changes your life!

Welcome to LCNL Connexions – The Lohana Community North London’s matrimonial service. The aim of this committee is to introduce people in our community that are looking for that special person. We will look to do this in two ways. One is by holding events throughout the year which we will now keep you informed about. The second is through the Connexions Process which is detailed below.

The Connexions Process is our way of bringing the old way of introductions into an approach more suited to the new generation. The concept is the same though.  Firstly, you need to register online using the link below. Then you contact one of the LCNL Connexions team and they will be happy to provide you with email addresses for other candidates that you can then contact. However, you do not have to get in touch to be part of the Connexions Process. If you register with us then you give us consent to pass on your email address to other prospective candidates who may contact you directly.

The protection of our candidate’s data is very important to us and therefore your information is kept confidential apart from your email address which we reserve the right to pass on to other prospective candidates and to use for marketing our events. If you wish to opt out after registering then please email us and we will remove you for our listings.


To register for LCNL Connexions please complete the form on the link below. It’s totally free to register and the Connexions Process is free too. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more, then please feel free to email us on

Connexions Team
Lohana Community North London

Meena Jasani – 07900 005 719