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FAQs Membership

Click here to complete our online membership form. Otherwise you can contact our membership secretary Ashok Dattani at for further information about the membership and other way to become a member.

The cost for the life membership is charged at £75.00 and be paid online by clicking here to complete the online membership form or you can contact our membership scretary Ashok Dattani or Amit Karia at

If you are a Lohana by birth/adoption/marriage you are entitled to become a member of Lohana Community North London.

For any changes to your personal information please contact and we will update our records. We will soon introducing our online membership tool which allows all members to update thier own information.

Some of the membership benefits include:

  • Have a say in how the community is run
  • Involvement in the communities religious, social and cultural events
  • Play a hands-on role in helping the community
  • Receive email notifications, publications and news and events.

Yes if you are 18 years of age and older, you are required to have your own LCNL life membership.

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FAQs Bereavement

The bereavement committee are there to assist you during the time of mourning. Please contact Vinubhai Kotecha   07956 847 764 or Ramesh Devani 07957 150 504.

To register your email address for bereavement notifications please click here.

It will take about 2 minutes to register. To review the policy document, please click here.

There are several reasons why you stopped receiving emails:

  1. You have by mistake unsubscribed yourself by clicking the unsubscribe link.
  2. Your emails are going to SPAM folder
  3. Your service provider has blocked it

Send an email to  and ensure you include the email id you have the query about and please state you would like to receive notifications from LCNL.

No. It is open to everyone. It is one of the services LCNL provides for free and currently sending around 2500 emails for each bereavement notification.

Yes, as long it is different email id. There is no limit on how many family members can register to receive emails. Your spouse would need to register and can be done by clicking here.

Yes. We have our very own system which enables us to identify the reason as to why you are not receiving emails from LCNL.

You may have accidentally or otherwise unsubscribed the receipt of your emails from LCNL,

To subscribe your email address again, open the last e-shot you received and from the bottom of the email, click the preference link and follow the on-screen instructions..

It is quite common the bereavement emails are automatically moved to your trash, spam or junk folder on receipt. This is done routinely by your device as a safety measure.

It is also common to see some emails ‘bounced’ for reasons like your mailbox is full.

Before you email, please verify the emails are not going to your spam, trash or junk folders which are in your email system. If it is, then create as a contact within your email system. This will flag the email as generated from a safe source. If you  have a personal email domain server, then check your domain server of any rule blocking the  bereavement emails.

LCNL will continue to send to your AOL email address. However, you will be restricted to what you can do with your AOL email address unless you upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold. We recommend you seek some technical advice, if you have AOL email address. 

You do not require LCNL membership number to register for bereavement emails. LCNL bereavement services is open to everyone including non Lohanas.

You need to enter your name, surname and the email id. In addition, it asks if you are a member or if you want to become LCNL member