As per our constitutional aim we maintain link and working with the VARIOUS  voluntary/ community and statutory organizations for the mutual benefit.

We do nominate/ appoint or encourage our Executive committee members to represent our community to various bodies such as LCNL Mahilas, LCNL Sports and Social Centre, Young Lohana Association N.L.,LCUK.

We also have working relations with Brent Indian association,(BIA), Confederation of Indian Organization,(CIO), Hindu council(Brent) Brent &Harrow Voluntary/community organizations, National Congress of Indian Organization,(NCGO), Hindu Forum (UK).etc.

At local level we engage with Health social care Service Providers (Brent &Harrow), Brent L/A’s BME Forum & Brent & Harrow council’s Community engagement meetings.

At UK national level we actively participated with LOHANA COMMUNITY UNITED KINGDON( UK) organization.

I have continue for the third year as Chair of Brent Links & continue taking interest in the issues pertaining to Health &Social care service provision at  Brent & Harrow , Local NHS trust, Health care for London etc.

We regularly have opportunity to participate in number of events with various organizations and share some of the information gathered with the executive committee members and if relevant then with our community members.  E.G as follows

With regular participation and interaction with voluntary and statutory service providers enabled us to share and exchange views , learn & obtain information to mutual benifit.
Merger of Ealing Hospital &North West London trust Hospitals ;-

Case for merging these hospitals consultation meeting was attended recently.There are many fellow community members from Harrow, Brent &Ealing using these hospitals and they will have possible implication in accessing reconfigured services after merger.

London being labeled as Europe capital of TB , frequent abroad travelers face possibility of catching these germs was highlighted.  The symptoms are very common and better be alert for early treatment remedy.