In light of the ongoing concerns of the Corona Virus (Covid-19), I have decided to set up a series of updates as and when they occur, this issue goes beyond Lohana’s and I wanted a platform where we can seek information and get the best understanding for us all to make informed decisions about how to navigate through these uncertain times.

I have appointed a sub-committee (Yatin Dawada (myself), Jeet Rughani, Sanjay Rughani, Amit Karia, Amit Chandarana & Vinod Vara) to work with experts in this field like Dr Pankhania to ensure we are all well informed.

Lord Jitesh Ghadia & Dr Bharat Pankhania have come together on the behalf of the British Indian Community, facilitated by my team, to update you all on the current state of the virus and he has answered some important questions that are on all our minds:

English Version

Gujarati Version