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Ruby Anniversary 1976‐2016

                                        Presidents Message

                   Knowledge is Power, Community is strength and positive attitude is everything

                                    My heartiest congratulations to the members of LCNL in celebrating this very special
                                    Ruby Anniversary 1976-2016.

                                    We are proud to be celebrating our Ruby Anniversary this year in July 2016. We

                                    should thank our elders who took the decision to establish LCNL in 1976. This is
                                    a  very  proud  moment  for  our  community.  We  as  a  community  have  significantly

                                    progressed by enriching our life here in UK. Most of our members are professionals,
                                    businessmen and thriving individuals who have made considerable contribution to the

                                    economy of United Kingdom. I am particularly pleased with the progress made by
                                    the 2nd and 3rd generation as they are the future of our community.

          I am sure that the growth of our community will now accelerate. I have noticed that there has been incremental

          participation from the members, at all our events since the inauguration of our building Dhamecha Lohana Centre
          (DLC) in June 2014. We have made many additions to the traditional religious, entertainment, educational and

          cultural programs by introducing programs like, medical event and Garba for the young children. We intend to add
          other programs like professional and business networking events in the coming months.

          We need to engage with the young professional as they can bring new ideas to heighten the workings of our
          community. The community members are powerful, resourceful and strong individuals. We all need to work together
          to make our community even stronger.

          I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all members of the Executive Committee, operating committees,
          volunteers, sponsors and the overwhelming interest from our community for the Ruby Celebration programme and

          the Souvenir magazine.  In particular, I am very grateful for the support for the Ruby Celebration programme from
          the core team, Amratlalbhai Radia, Janubhai Kotecha, Yatin Dawada, Mansukhbhai Raichura, Ashok Dattani and

          Deenesh Thakerar as well as to Amit Karia and Amit Chandarana for providing IT skills and services.

          It has been an educational journey for me and an opportunity to make a contribution to our community; I would

          not have been able to fulfil my duties without the guidance and support from members of our community, Past
          Presidents, Chairpersons, committee members of the operating bodies, and trustees of RCT and LCF.

          The hard work and commitment required to provide quality service would not have been possible without the entire
          LCNL team and of course my wife, Daksha who has been by my pillar of strength throughout.

          Jai shree Krishna, Jai Jalaram and Jai Raghuvanshi

          Vinod Thakrar                                                        As a special Ruby
                                                                        celebration, we are enclosing
          President                                                        two LCNL souvenir pins

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