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Ruby Anniversary 1976‐2016


                                         Maphaleshu Kadachana

                                 Rights, you have to do your duties,
                                But not to the fruits thereof, He said

                 Souvenir, Editor & Publishers Message

          Mansukhbhai, Yatin and I been asked by the President and the Executive Committee of LCNL to shoulder
          the responsibility of producing and publishing the Ruby Celebration Souvenir magazine. We are truly
          honoured for the confidence placed in us to produce this historic magazine.
          40 Years is a long time in the history of any organisation and it is an almost impossible task to do justice
          to the work of all our dedicated and hard working committee members and volunteers in just a few pages.

          We have tried our best to search the past records, available information from community publications
          and  through  personal  inquiries  with  the  aim  of  presenting  content  which  is  reflective,  impartial  and
          balanced. We are very grateful to all the LCNL Presidents, past and present, LCNL operating committees,
          RCT Trustees, LCF Trustees and volunteers who have kindly provided all the support and information,
          photographs etc. to include in this publication. However, despite our efforts, if there are any errors or
          omissions we respectfully apologise in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

          During the past 40 years, our community have achieved many milestones including acquiring two community
          centres, one of which is at Headstone Lane Harrow with 8 acres of playing field and the second at Brember
          Road at South Harrow. We are very grateful to all those who donated generously to acquire these two
          centres which serves as wonderful bases for our community. All community members and we wish to note
          our appreciation to all donors, in particular the overseas donors such as Gokul Family, Kantaria Family of
          Nairobi, Muljibhai Madhvani of Uganda, Naresh Nagrecha and Arun Samani.
          Our special thanks go to the printers Liquid Bubble for their wonderful support in producing this souvenir
          magazine in a short time.

          We are very grateful to all the advertisers for their support without which it would not be possible to
          produce this.

          Amratlalbhai Radia – Editor-in-Charge
          Past President & Building Chairman

                                                  Editorial Team

              Amratlal Radia                     Mansukh Raichura                       Yatin Dawada

                                                          Designed and printed by:
                                   Liquid Bubble, Unit 11, Wembley Park Business Centre, North End Road, Wembley HA9 0AS
                                      Tel: 0208 900 1191     Email:     Web:

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