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Happy Diwali     Raghuvanshi 2016 - 2017

                         Prime Minister’s Diwali message to the Lohana community

                It  gives  me  great  pleasure  to  send  my  very  best  wishes  for  Diwali  to  the
                Lohana  Community  North  London  for  the  first  time  as  Prime  Minister  and
                Leader of the Conservative Party.

                The Lohana Community has made an outstanding contribution to many walks
                of  national  life  in  the  United  Kingdom  –  from  the  arts  and  sciences  to
                business and politics. In doing so, you have shown how you embody the best
                of  British  values:  hard  work,  entrepreneurship,  and  generosity,  and  the
                importance of education, family, faith and community.

                In  this  40th  anniversary  year  for  the  LCNL,  I  was  pleased  to  see  another
                Lohana, Lord Gadhia, joining Lord Popat on the Conservative benches in the
                House of Lords – another demonstration of the important role Lohanas play
                in helping us build a country that works for everyone.

                Diwali  is  a  festival  to  which  everyone  can  relate,  whatever  their  faith  –  a
                festival which gives people the strength and courage to tackle obstacles by
                coming together as one.

                I wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.

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