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Secretary’s Report

       Jai Shree Krishna and Jai Sia Ram
       I am extremely pleased and honoured to present this report of an amazing
       past 3 months. Our Executive Committee is now fully operational with
       subcommittees in place.
       Firstly, hats off to LCNL, Senior Ladies and Mahilas for organising informative
       and entertaining events with different perspectives taking Lohanas to a higher
       To name a few: Health issues, Financial & Legal issues, Laughter Therapy, Yoga
       We will endeavour to work hard and bring over to members very unique as well as religious events
       bringing together the whole strata of community –young and elderly. Further  information is mentioned
       in the Events diary and Social Secretary’s Report.
       Our YLS (youngsters) are engaging themselves actively on daily basis  and this year too they will be
       organising children’s Garba and Diwali party – both sold out last year

       On Health and Safety issue we are again organising a ‘fire warden’ training for Committee Members.
       I would like to thank the entire Executive Committee including Lady President Urmilaben Thakkar MBE,
       for always being there for me.
       Lastly, I am eternally grateful to all Community Members for their continued support and confidence
       placed in me.
       Meena Jasani
       Hon. Secretary (LCNL 2017-2019)
       Mobile: 07900 005 719 • E Mail:
       Coming together is a beginning,  Keeping together is progress,  working together is
       success – Henry Ford

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