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Nitin Palan MBE - Chairman,
                   Golden Tours & Golden Tours Foundation

       Nitin Palan is a business man based in London, married with two children. Born in Jinja, Uganda, he
       arrived in the United Kingdom first time in 1972 as part of the forced mass exodus of Indians from

       Having arrived to this country with very little, he worked hard and qualified as a Chartered Accountant,
       got married to his wife Kamu Palan and together, the Palan’s set up their first business – Golden Tours.

       Having run the business for decades, Nitin’s interest over the last 15 years has been in Charitable and
       Community work. Being the visionary that he is, charitable projects occupy his mind and that’s where
       his heart lies. Education is at the heart of all his projects and most important attribute for him is the
       relevance of an initiative in current times in shaping the future.

       Nitin and his wife started Diwali on square in 2001 to bring awareness in youngsters in Asian community. I
       very well remember that I too was part of the first team.

       Nitin is a Trustee of BAPS Charities (A Hindu temple with Charitable arm). He manages and oversees the
       Hindu Temple’s interfaith work and is a Director for Interfaith Network of UK.  Besides the interfaith activity
       Nitin set up Golden Tours Foundation whose main aim is to educate the Young People. Currently the
       Foundation sponsors education in India for over 500 young people. The Foundation also launched
       its flagship project, Remembering Indian Soldiers in World War 1, which is widely appreciated by
       practitioners, community groups and museums.

       Nitin’s attention was taken over by the activities of Indian Soldiers contribution in WW1. He found this to be
       very relevant in present times as it is not only an untold/unrecognised story of the vast sacrifice that India
       as a Nation and Indians as soldiers made for Britain, but it is a story that Indians and British community in
       the UK need to know of their valuable contribution.

       The project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund tells the untold stories of the Indian contribution
       irrespective of their faith and facilitates activities to bring this History to schools and communities.

       Nitin has participated in various ways in the
       Lohana  Community  and always willing to
       aid and assist when required.  We all at LCNL
       are immensely proud to see his aspirations
       and achievements come to be worthy to the
       community and humanity as a whole.  We at
       LCNL are proud to see Nitin has been awarded
       MBE in Queens’s Birthday Honours List. We wish
       him well.

       Meena Jasani

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