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Our Social Centre celebrated Queen’s Birthday with the children from Little Angels.

       We very  look forward to having you all at Janmashthami  on Tuesday 15th August. This coincides
       with India Independence Day whereby we will have double celebrations - Patriotic and Adhyatmic!
       The Yajmaans for Janmashthami are Shree Ketanbhai, Ditiben Kotecha and Parivar to whom we are
       indebted and grateful.

       Soon the much awaited Navratri folllows. LCNL will celebrate Navratri from 21st Sept till 30th Sept.
       This year YLS will organise the Sharad Poonam Garbas on 6th Oct.
       Diwali Mehfil, Chopada Poojan and Raghuvanshi Magazine are all on target.

       There are other interesting programmes arranged during Sept and November.  Once again we are
       organising Lohana Has Talent and Tulsi Vivah at DLC.

       I would like to thank the members of Mahajan  and  the Committee Members for their continued
       Urmila Thakkar, MBE

                                LCNL Social Events

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