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Vinubhai Kotecha BEM

                                There is a passage in one of Gilbert Murray ’s books.
                                He says that we must be
                                ‘careful always to seek for truth and not for our own emotional
                                satisfaction, careful not to neglect the real needs of men and
                                women through basing our life on dreams; and remembering
                                above all to walk gently in a world when the lights are dim and
                                the very stars wander’.......
                                Upon his arrival in the UK in early seventies, Vinubhai with his
                                entrepreneurial skills and “can do” attitude started his own
                                business. With his ferocious skills, intellect and ready to serve
                                attitude he immediately embarked on making his mark in the
                                mainstream Service and Charitable organisations namely Apna
                                Ghar, Asian Foundation for Help, Maa Saraswati Spiritual Centre
                                and importantly Lohana Community North London.
       His interests and involvement with the community as a whole has been and are driven by a genuine
       desire to both serve and put something back into the community and the country that has given so
       much to him, his family and his fellow human beings.
       He works tirelessly and without vested interest in the community and particularly in The Bereavement
       Committee which is to his heart and soul.  His leadership in the Bereavement Committee has been
       a genuine help to many families over the years in the difficult times of grieving and bereavement.  In
       addition to the voluntary work he does in the UK, he is also instrumental in providing his skills and time
       abroad in India – particularly Samuh Lagna, Orphanage, Elderly Care, Tiffin Seva to Hospitals, Water
       Filters in Schools- which they have been performing it successfully for the past few years.

        It is undeniable that the above achievements and contribution he has made is remarkable and
       worthy of distinction. For his generosity and service to the local community, a passionate belief in
       justice, peace and internationalism he was awarded BEM (British Empire Medal)  by Her Majesty The
       Queen in the current honours list for the “hands on Service “ to the community  and we as Lohanas
       equally share the joy and elation of his achievement.

       In my view, Vinubhai’s best qualities are his determination, loyalty and humility and whatever he
       says, he says with real knowledge and total authority. When he expresses a judgement, it is based
       on thought, knowledge, experience, and acquired information, not on prejudice or wish-fulfilment.
       Needless to say Vinubhai is a devoted family man and enjoys every bit of support and strength from
       his wife Umaben, sons Dharmesh and Anish with daughter –in-laws Reshma and Sonal respectively.

       Finally, on behalf of our LCNL President Urmilaben Thakkar MBE, The Executive Committee and all at
       LCNL wish Vinubhai every success in his endeavours.

       Jai Shree Krishna
       Kirit Vithlani

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