Building Report 12 August 2012

Building Report 12 August 2012

We were to commence the demolition of the first floor in July 2012 but when the demolition contractors were to start the works, they discovered that the Gas supply was not turned off. British Gas now assures us that the supply will be turned off this month and the contractors will commence the work soon thereafter.

We have invited tenders for the subsequent phases from the contractors and we shall be negotiating with them on the final amount in the coming few weeks. Bhaveshbhai Radia is actively working with them and the surveyors.

We had applied for the tax refund under the gift aid scheme and are pleased to advise that this has now been received.

The fund raising effort is continuing. The members of LCNL executive committees are continuously contacting members of LCNL and requesting them to donate towards the refurbishment of the Building.  A letter of appeal was sent jointly with LCNL President Deepakbhai Jatania on 8th July 2012. We have received a positive response and a lot of members have come forward and donated. We thank them for their generosity and support.

The coming months are very busy and all our efforts are concentrated towards raising the funds and ensuring the Building is completed in time. We still need a lot funds for refurbishing. We once again appeal to all to donate generously and look forward to your support. We have also devised a scheme where members can donate by instalment plan, please contact any of the Executive Committee member or visit our website for further information

Manish Sangani
Chairman - Lohana Charitable Foundation