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Meet the Team

A group for Young Lohanas in London, part of the Lohana Community of North London (LCNL).

Raj Raiththa, YLS President

Raj Raiththa, 33, President of the YLS, is a Consultant in Construction specialising in Cost, Project and Programme Management.

Raj has a degree from UCL and a Masters from Southbank and currently works for Mace in the Moorgate Office. His main interests include Football, Science, History, Current Affairs UFC and WWE. In 2004 he acted in a feature film called “Movies”, and also starred in ESPN’s FA Premier League advertising campaign in 2011. Although Raj grew up in North Finchley, (The Real) North London, he is a big fan of Aston Villa Football Club.

He has joined the Y.L.S because he feels that it is important for young Lohanas to maintain the sprit of community and without a body of this nature that would be more difficult. He also would like to expand his network amongst the Lohana community.

You can contact Raj via raj@ylsnl.com

Sapna Pajpani, YLS Vice President

If Mark Zukerberg had met Sapna before he launched Facebook, he would have named it after her purely based on her social networking skills. Sapna’s day job in her Canary Wharf office involves solving complex problems related to the secretive world of compliance within the finance industry. But her real passion is to teach children how to one two three four and get on the dance floor. And let it be known, her iPod can only handle desi tunes and beats to the rhythm of Bollywood.

Closer to home though, her sense of loyalty to her family and friends and her love for all things Lui shine through like a beacon. She has been involved within the Lohana community since she can remember and wants to help keep this community spirit going amongst the youth. She lives up to her name and dreams big, and all it takes to be part of that dream is to say hello the next time you meet her. You can contact Sapna via sapna@ylsnl.com

Rakesh Vithalani, YLS Secretary

Rakesh is an Analyst in the Investor Relations team at TIAA Henderson Real Estate, a commercial real estate asset management firm. Since joining the company in 2013, he supports sales and business development functions. Rakesh gained a BSc majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Management & Finance from Kings’College London. He also completed the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) in April 2013.

Rakesh loves to travel, having spent 5 months in South America after university and has had the unique opportunity to perform in the Rio Carnival. He also spent 6 months in 2012 volunteering as a teacher in a village in Malawi. He joined YLS because he feels it is important for the youth of today need a voice and also it’s a great way to build a network.  Contact him on rakesh@ylsnl.com

Bindya Devani, YLS Assistant Secretary

Bindya Devani, Assistant Secretary of the Y.L.S is a Mathematics Teacher and Edexcel Examiner by profession. She graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from Queen Mary University. Bindya loves to travel and recently had a jungle filled adventure in South East Asia, which saw her zip lining through forests and spending nights in the wild attempting her very own Bear Grylls mission – so if you need any survival skills advice – she will be happy to fill you in on how not to do it!.

Her passion for teaching and helping others made her stay back in Laos to volunteer in teaching English…which tested her own communication skills to say the least! In her spare time Bindya enjoys shopping, theatre, pilates and reading- the dystopian genre being her thing! Contact her at bindya@ylsnl.com

Gopika Madlani, YLS Treasurer

As an Accounting and Finance graduate from the University of Kent with extensive experience across various organisations predominantly within financial services, joining the team at YLS is a great opportunity to develop valuable knowledge, build strong ties, unite others and reignite the spirit amongst young Lohanas within the community!

Aside from number-crunching, Gopika loves yoga, keeping fit and swimming having participated in charity swims and fun runs. With a streak of spontaneity, going on adventures, travelling and exploring different cultures excites me! Creative from a young age, she enjoys crafting intricate Rangoli patterns and designing and decorating cakes which has its perks (who ate all the cake?!). Easily humoured, Gopika is known for her cheeky smile! She is looking forward to meeting new people through events and having a great laugh along the way! Contact her at gopika@ylsnl.com

Shyam Kanani, YLS Assistant Treasurer

Shyam Kanani is the Assistant Treasurer of YLS. Having graduated from the university of Manchester, Shyam holds a degree in mathematics and loves dealing with numbers!

He enjoys meeting and socializing with friends in his spare time, trying different food cuisines and discussing how great the Indian cricket team is!  Most of all, keeping busy with his time – he believes there should never be a dull moment in life!

Shyam’s aim is to actively engage more people through the society and have a wider reach within the community. He looks forward to seeing many new faces very soon! Contact Shyam at shyam@ylsnl.com

Krishan Pau, YLS Social Secretary

Krish is a Chartered Tax Advisor who currently works as a Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting based near St. Pauls. If you just read the work Tax and thought he must be a boring bookworm you couldn’t be more wrong! Krish loves working in the City and definitely lives by the ‘work hard, play harder’ moto. He enjoys catching up with his friends over drinks and dinner and is always trying out new bars and restaurants. He is also a sucker for a rooftop bar.

When he is not drinking martinis in Madison, he will either be in the gym or on the football pitch. Krish is a keen 5-a-side footballer and currently organises a weekly game between friends, if you are also a footballer let him know and maybe he can get something going closer to home.

Krish is really excited to be the new Social Secretary and has loads of fun and exciting ideas for events that the whole community can get involved in. Please do let him know if you have any ideas of your own and if not then watch this space! Contact Krishan at krishan@ylsnl.com

Amee Samani, Assistant Social Secretary

This pint sized lady may sometimes be mistaken as “trouble” – Really, she is just a straight talking, hard-working and enthusiastic individual. Keen to give back to the community, Amee is passionate about contributing to events, opportunities and adventures for young Lohanas of all ages. She welcomes feedback and would like to hear your thoughts on our events.

If she hasn’t already infected you with her love for a scoop (or two) of Baskin Robbins pistachio almond ice cream, she will surely get you with her infectious smile and willingness to help others. An avid fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, Amee lives by the Toretto motto ‘I don’t have friends, I’ve got family’. It is this family with which, she loves to spend quality time. Any other time will be spent engaging in creative activities or a spot of shoe shopping.

Oh, and did we tell you she bakes… maybe she can help you discover your superpower! Having worked and spent much time outside of London, Amee is finally back home. She promises to anaesthetise only at work and keep the events interesting, fun and full of energy! Contact Amee at amee@ylsnl.com

Reena Popat, Immediate Past President

A business lawyer by profession, Reena had the right skills to lead, motivate and work in a team and to become the first ever Chairperson of YLS North London (even though she claims she’s quite shy in real life!).

Although she looks 21 and still gets asked for her ID, she has much more experience than her young looks give away. She has organised numerous successful business networking events in Leicester, the City and North West London.

Originally born and raised in Leicester, Reena is a perfect mix of the best of the north and south. She is brilliant at educating the other committee members who haven’t had the pleasure of being brought up in the North, and telling them about some of the best things being a Northerner has to offer…the hot potato shop being one of them!

Her hobbies include swimming, reading and sailing (even in the freezing cold!), the theatre and keeping fit. She’s one of a few on the committee who is into Bolly-Zumba (don’t be shy about asking her for a demo! Contact Reena via reena@ylsnl.com

Raji Dattani, YLS Immediate Past Secretary

Raji Dattani, is a Legal & Compliance Officer by profession; highly passionate (and opinionated!) about global affairs & the legal arena, she hopes her articulate nature & organisation skills can enhance the solid base of structure & governance already laid by the first year of the society.

She believes community collaboration creates unity amongst all generations of Lohanas and wishes to endorse the cultural roots she is proud of. Her room is a library filled with Jane-Austen novels, cooking recipes & she aspires to experience adventure in all corners of the world. Bollywood fanatic & choreographer, Indian-cricket-team crazy & an ice-cream lover!  Contact Raji at raji@ylsnl.com

Ravi Sachdev

Ravi Sachdev joined the committee in 2015. He is currently the Manager of the Strategic Projects Office at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  When he’s not enjoying the sights of this conservation institution he’s reviewing the work of Kew’s main projects in estates, IT, education and science.

After completing a BSc in Biology and MSc in Conservation at University College London, Ravi went on to do a range of scientific and community work in Belize, Kenya and Madagascar. He then decided to a take a steer to the corporate world when he joined the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and later became Kew’s Manager of Business Planning and Performance.

Ravi likes to keep active, going snowboarding each year and playing, badminton, hockey and cycling. He also drove a rickshaw in a race across India to raise funds for a sustainable water charity. The first Lohana event he went to was a Halloween costume party, and he is looking forward to future events to share his positive experience and enrich the community. Contact Ravi at ravi@ylsnl.com

Bhavni Devani

Bhavni Devani is a Mathematics graduate from Queen Mary University. She has recently started her career in Metrobank. After attending and enjoying the YLS events this year Bhavni decided to join the committee to contribute to the community and represent the Young Lohanas of today.

Bhavni loves going to the gym and keeping fit. When she isn’t catching up with friends or shopping she’s reading one of her many books. Bhavni is extremely kind, calm and forever happy to help anyone but don’t let her bubbly and happy nature deceive you – just ask her what her job title is and you’ll see what we mean! Contact Bhavni at bhavni@ylsnl.com

Radhika Madlani

With a creative background as a Media and Culture graduate with skills in event management, nutrition and natural remedies and sales; joining the YLS committee is a great way for me to develop skills through organising events as well as build a strong network and make a positive influence within the Lohana community.

Passionate about holistic therapy and healthy living working for Neal’s Yard, Radhika enjoys spreading knowledge to others and of course boosting sales along the way (free samples anyone?). Outside of work, days are well spent working out at the gym, enjoying the outdoors, travelling, experimenting cooking a range of international cuisines and the odd therapeutic treatment for friends and family! Bubbly and enthusiastic, she can’t wait to meet new faces and build relationships as a YLS committee member! Contact Radhika at radhika@ylsnl.com

Swarupa Dawada

Swarupa Dawada is a pharmacist by profession, having gained a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Bath. Swarupa’s hobbies are forever changing, but the one she just cannot get enough of is Bachata – a treat from the Domnican Republic.

Having been a YLS devotee in previous years, and patriotic to North West London her entire life, joining the YLS Committee North London was just meant to be. Swarupa, who is never one to turn down a good deal herself, wants every young Lohana to benefit from the rich social and cultural network on offer through YLS. Contact Swarupa at swarupa@ylsnl.com

Hemali Tanna

After being born and raised in North West London, Hemali has lived in the Midlands while attaining her Medical degree in Birmingham and has since worked in Derby and Nottingham. Whilst she has loved the varied experience of living and working across the Midlands, she is very much looking forward to moving back to London in the summer of 2015. She believes in the importance of strengthening community spirit, and aims to work as a committee member to serve and give back to the community which generations before us have worked hard to preserve.

Since her first taste of travelling across South East Asia in 2012, she has developed a passion for visiting scenic sights of the world, not to mention learning about the beauty of different cultures, and slowly but surely aspires to travel extensively across the globe. From theatre, photography and reading to walking in the Peak District, Hemali hopes to use her combination of interests and experiences gained from living across the Midlands to help plan diverse YLS events that will appeal to a wide range of members. Fun loving and always open to new ideas, she is excited about what working on the committee will bring! Contact Hemali at hemali@ylsnl.com.

Anisha Bathia

Anisha is training with Ernst & Young to become a Chartered Accountant. She studied International Business with Spanish at the University of Warwick and spent a year abroad in Madrid.

Since the age of five Anisha has been passionate about dancing, having participated in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the largest piece of mass choreography in Trafalgar Square, at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and at the Natural History Museum. She also enjoys playing tennis as well as squash in her spare time and loves to travel.

Previously, Anisha has carried out voluntary work in India which involved teaching school children English and designing as well as decorating a playroom for students. Furthermore, she has volunteered at the local Hertsmere Indian Community Association by organising weekly activities for children and teaching them Gujarati.

Anisha wishes to continue serving her community and for this reason has joined the YLS team. She sees it as a great opportunity to give back to the community what it has given her. Contact Anisha at anisha@ylsnl.com

Rahul Morjaria

Rahul moved to the United Kingdom in 2005 after being born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He studied pharmacy at UEA in Norwich and moved to London in 2010 to live the British dream! Rahul works in the independent sector of community pharmacy in the heart of London and take on every opportunity and challenge possible.

Rahul is and was keenly involved in sporting events with the Lohana community in Nairobi and wanted to get involved with the YLS in London too! He feels our generation seems to be really changing for the worse and would like to get involved to educate and inform people about our community and how to make it a positive change to us and society!

Apart from work which is about 6 days a week Rahul enjoys watching Formula 1 (Ferrari fan obviously) cricket and football! He also enjoys spending good quality family and friends time and enjoy attending social functions of all natures. Rahul strongly believes in the phrase ‘work hard play hard’ and look forward to working with the new YLS team! Contact Rahul at rahul@ylsnl.com

Chandni Savjani

Chandni is studying pharmacy at King’s College London.

She is very sociable and easy to get along with. She has been part of many different societies in university especially India Society, Hindu Society and National Committee for Hindu Society and has organised and been part of many events including Boat Parties, Balls, Garba, Holi, Bhajans and Sports Competitions. She also enjoys keeping in touch with her spiritual side by being part of KC and regularly volunteering at the Manor especially on festival days.

She lives life as YOLO and enjoys travelling. She seeks to do crazy thrilling dare-devil activities such as sky-diving and wants to do bungee jumping. So far she has explored France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, and many parts of India (Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi) and is wanting to travel even far and wide.

Chandni loves her bollywood dancing, is a sports player and an ice cream lover. Contact Chandniat chandni@ylsnl.com

Roshni Thakrar

Roshni has a legal background and holds an undergraduate law degree from City University as well as the Legal Practice Course qualification, a qualification for solicitors. Despite being early into her career, Roshni has accumulated a wide variety of impressive experiences.  As a result, Roshni also fancies herself as an Indian version (some could argue Mediterranean) of Rachel from Suits and is only too happy to educate and inform anyone who may be inclined towards a legal career (she promises she will be kind but realistic of both opportunities and challenges)!! In Roshni’s spare time she loves a bit of yoga, shopping, tennis, shopping, theatre, shopping and getting involved and trying to make a meaningful difference. Roshni loves helping within the community and has done many active roles since childhood including having the pleasure of hosting the BBC, Prime Minister David Cameron and the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire to name but a few. Roshni was delighted to join the Y.L.S team because she feels that this enriching society can help bring the community together through social, cultural and spiritual events, and lets face it-having some fun in the process. Contact Roshni at roshni@ylsnl.com

Sheetal Popat

Sheetal Popat is a Chartered Accountant by profession who qualified with Ernst & Young, and graduated from University College London.

Sheetal enjoys travelling and trying new challenges and spent a few months back-packing around South East Asia. She loves serving others and was lucky to be able to spend a few months at the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC), a children’s home in India, and is a regular volunteer at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford and other local initiatives.

Sheetal is a real people person and a bit of a vaturi (sshh don’t tell her we said that) – once you meet her I’m sure you will agree! She is excited to bring lots of fun-filled events under this umbrella where like minded people can come together and also learn more about their community. If you have any ideas or want to get involved feel free to get in touch with her :) Contact Sheetal at sheetal@ylsnl.com

Seema Chande

Often seen whizzing around North London in her blue Mini, Seema is one of the most experienced committee members. Her background in charity and community events range from variety shows, networking and speed dating….she’s North London’s answer to Cilla Black (do ask her about the speed dating success stories!!) Seema was active in policing for a number of years and worked to the standard of a Sergeant…so don’t ask her about illegal activities although she’s qualified to give you advice about parking in the City… Her lifestyle means she’s always busy but she does have time for some professional nail painting on the side (very a la Asian Desperate Housewives!) A keen traveller, Seema is looking for some fresh ideas – so do pass on your tips. She works at the Bank of England (apparently it pays better than the Bank of Baroda). Contact Seema at seema@ylsnl.com

Akhil Raithatha

Akhil Raithatha is Mathematics graduate from Imperial College London and just started his career in the Debt Capital Market team at Santander UK. Outside his busy banking lifestyle he has a passion is music and can usually been seen singing bhajans anywhere from peoples homes to national TV. He also plays the tabla, the harmonium and even attempted the viola.

In University he was actively involved in the Hindu Society and helped organise many charity events and spread the joys of bhakti through weekly bhajans and Hanuman Chalisas sessions.

Akhil has joined the Y.L.S because he feels that the society can help bring the community together through social, cultural and spiritual events. He feels it is a unique opportunity to give back to the community and make many friends. Contact Akhil at akhil@ylsnl.com

Tejas Kotecha

Tejas Kotecha was brought up in Bolton before moving down to London in 2005.

He works as a TV producer for Sky. If it sounds glamorous it isn’t, Tejas wakes up in the early hours to start 4am shifts!

Having never lived in North London, Tejas thinks it would be a rather unique thing to join the Y.L.S (North London). He hopes the Harrow-on-the-Hill 90210 crowd are just as cool as the American Beverly Hills lot…

Tejas tries to make it to the Royal Albert Hall every 4-6 months to watch something different…he invites you to come up and ask him about it

He believes it would be great fun to meet lots of new people and develop friendships with those he has already met in the last few years.

One of the best benefits of those friendships is the food that people bring along at meetings…where the banter is great (it’s like a mixture of Saved By The Bell and Friends).

Tejas is looking forward to a great rollercoaster ride ahead, he went to his first Lohana event on his own, so his advice to others is don’t be worried about coming along or getting involved! You can contact Tejas via: tejas@ylsnl.com

Kishan Raja

Kishan Raja is a committee member  for YLS and studying Finance and Accounting at university.   Kishan felt there was a huge opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of working within an organisation such as YLS. Kishan believes there are many elder friends and colleagues around him, whom he can learn from and together explore new visions and opportunities to progress the community to the next level. Furthermore, Kishan  joined YLS because he feels everyone has an important role to play in giving back to the community. In addition to this, a huge sense of fulfilment can also be achieved from this voluntary task. Kishan hopes to contribute to the well being of the society. Contact Kishan at kishan@ylsnl.com.