Our committee is committed in providing helping hand to the families during the sad time. For our latest bereavement report for 2013 please click here…

We can assist by finding

  • Prayer halls
  • Priest
  • Bhajan Mandlis
  • Place to conduct a service, if there is an accommodation concerns
  • General advise on bereavement procedures and services

For Further Information

Vinubhai Kotecha:  07956 847764(Vinodk52@Aol.Com)
Rameshbhai Devani: 07957 150505
Manubhai Radia: 07961 351484

If you wish to receive bereavement announcements then, please register by forwarding your e-mail address to:

Lcnlbereavement@Aol.Com   or   Bereavement@Lcnl.Org

Vinubhai Kotecha - LCNL Bereavement Convener